Our 2018 Charity Challenge

Every year, a team of us from Red Mist Leisure take on a challenge in an effort to raise money for local charities that both ourselves at The Wheatsheaf and our other sister pubs support.

In 2017, a team of amateur climbers took on the 3 highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales and raised nearly £12,500 for selected charities. However, 2018 sees the toughest challenge to date. The team combines a number of our Red Mist head office team with 3 companies we regularly work with, Mozzo Coffee1st Call tree Surgeons and Turveys Construction, making a total of 20 brave individuals taking on the task.




The Challenge:

In July, the team of 2o will be challenging themselves to walk the entirety of Hadrian’s Wall. This will see them tackling 86 miles of walking (yes, that’s over 3 marathons!) in only 3 days, from coast to coast, starting from Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria and trekking all the way to Wallsend near Newcastle.

The training has started and we’ve already had some casualties, with giant blisters, bad knees and a few trips and falls, but the team are staying positive and are determined to complete the challenge no matter how tough they find it.


What is Hadrian’s Wall?

Hadrian’s Wall is a world heritage site that was built in A.D 122, when the Emperor Hadrian ordered his soldiers to build a wall between Roman Britain and Scotland. At this time in history, Scotland was not part of the Roman Empire, and despite the Roman armies defeating Scotland to claim some of their land, they never controlled all of Scotland. To keep control of their territory in England and to monitor people arriving in and departing England, the Romans built a large 73 mile long and 15 feet high fort, know as Hadrian’s Wall, across the country to protect them from the Scottish Picts tribes.

It took nearly 14 years to complete and was the largest structure ever built by the Romans.

The wall was built with such advanced skill and craftsmanship that still to this day, nearly 2,000 years later, parts of the wall are still standing.


Why are we doing this?

For those of you who visit our pub or any of our sister pubs regularly, you’ll have seen that we are dedicated to helping local charities where we can. From hosting monthly networking events in order to fundraise to donating 20p of every pint of Red Mist Ale sold to our chosen charity of the year; in total, we have raised over £7000 at The Wheatsheaf alone for charity.

The charities we have decided to support for this year’s charity challenge are ones that Red Mist works closely with and we will be distributing all money raised evenly across the three.


Piggles Trust
Piggles Trust is a Hampshire based charity that aims to provide pre-school education to poorly children in hospitals across the country, in order to try and create a ‘normal’ environment within the most ‘abnormal’ of situations for unwell children. Previously there has been no provisions to fund young children with vital education in hospitals, but thanks to Piggles Trust and the money we raise through this challenge, this is going to change so that no child gets left behind.

RAF Benevolent Fund
The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund is a leading welfare charity with a proud tradition of looking after serving and former members of the RAF, as well as their partners and dependent children. RAF Odiham is just down the road from our sister pub The Red Lion, so many of our customers are part of the RAF, or have been previously. We want to show our ongoing support to the RAF families, both locally and further afield.

Cherry Trees
Cherry Trees is a charity located a few minutes away from our sister pub in East Clandon, The Queen’s Head. The charity provides home from home respite care for children and young people with severe learning and physical disabilities. They recognise that these children are best looked after at home but, because of their very special needs, they require special care, often 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the money donated to Cherry Trees, we’re helping to support the continued care for these children in their most familiar comforting environment.


Hadrian's Wall Charity Challenge


How you can get involved…

There are a number of ways that you can show your support to our team.

Until 15th July, we will be donating 25p from every burger sold off our a la carte menu, to the fundraising total. We have also partnered with the fantastic Tilford Brewery to offer our own Hadrian’s Wall Ale, which we promise to donate 20p from every pint sold. So come and enjoy a pint alongside our famous Wheatsheaf burger, knowing you’re doing your bit for charity.

Alternatively, we have our fundraising page, which anyone can make donations to and wish us good luck, either publicly or anonymously. If you would like to donate to the worthy causes, please visit our fundraising page here. Any support is hugely appreciated.