English Crab Cakes

Try these delicious English crab cakes at home, perfect for a lighter summer meal and delicious enough to impress your friends with too!
Serves 4

1kg White crabmeat
125g fresh breadcrumbs
2 tsp mustard powder
2 tsp salt
1 tsp ground white pepper
¼ nutmeg, grated
1 tsp paprika
1 handful chopped parsley
3 beaten eggs

1. Combine all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl
2. Beat eggs, and pick crabmeat. Combine with dry ingredients.
3. Shape into small rings, and chill
4. Heat a little oil in a non-stick fry pan and fry for a minute each side. Transfer to a baking sheet and place in an180 C oven for 7 minutes or until hot in the centre.

For the pickled radishes

5 bunches radish, finely sliced
250ml Red wine vinegar
125ml water
150g caster sugar
3 tsps salt
1tsp mustard seeds
1tsp coriander seeds
½ tsp black peppercorns
2 bay leaves

1. Warm liquids in a pan and add sugars and spices.
2. Stir until dissolved, bring to boil and remove from heat.
3. Add sliced radish and allow to pickle for 24 hours

Serve with a salad of sorrel leaves and the pickled radish and cucumber and enjoy!