Cocktail Thursdays

What better way to celebrate spring, than over a delicious cocktail in the beautiful sunshine with some great company.

We thought we’d launch a brand-new night; Cocktail Thursdays because, who doesn’t love a minty mojito on a nice sunny day? With plenty of choices available for only £6 all day, every Thursday, there’s no excuse to stay in this season!

To inspire you, we asked our team what cocktail they would describe themselves as and why:

Ana: “If I were a cocktail I’d definitely be a Cosmopolitan, because I’m not overly fruity, sweet but not too sweet and certainly not too tart. It’s a perfectly balanced cocktail, like me.  ”

Paul: “I can see myself as a Long Island Iced Tea, because I am extremely strong, yet delicate; my strength is nicely hidden by the delicious coca cola and lemon flavour. ”

Tiziana: “I am a Grey Goose le fizz obviously, because I am so darn bubbly and refreshing with just the right amount of zing. ”

Nat: “I’d have to say I’m an Espresso Martini, because I am a huge coffee fan, I like the fact they come in a fancy martini glass as it gives off James Bond vibes and who doesn’t want to look like 007?  ‍♂️”

So, there you have it, our front of house team are quite the sassy bunch! Join us for a delicious cocktail from our range on Cocktail Thursdays* and let us know which cocktail you would  be!

View our drinks list.

*Offer excludes our sparkling cocktails.